CLOSING NIGHT! World Premiere of “SONG OF ASCENT” Matisyahu Documentary

Mon June 24 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
World Premiere of "SONG OF ASCENT" (Matisyahu Documentary Live in Wartime Israel, 10/7 & Beyond). Q&A with Matisyahu and filmmakers LIVE!)

Join LAJFF for the CLOSING NIGHT for the WORLD PREMIERE of this monumental new film from MATISYAHU. Followed by a Q&A with MATISYAHU and filmmakers.

Closing Night!
World Premiere
"SONG OF ASCENT" MATISYAHU Documentary Live in Wartime Israel,
10/7 & Beyond

The feature-length documentary/live concert film will chronicle the experiences of singer-songwriter, and culture sensation, Matisyahu since the Oct 7th massacre in Israel. Song of Ascent depicts Matisyahu's most recent US tour bookended by two meaningful trips to Israel, and follows his experience at several Kibbutzim, the Nova Festival site, hospitals, and other locations essential to bearing witness to the Oct 7th massacres. Throughout the film, Matisyahu puts on three large shows in Israel just before and after having three of his US tour dates canceled by anti-Israel protestors, thrusting Matisyahu into a unique role of speaking up for, and defending not just himself, but for the Jewish people during these difficult times.

Matisyahu’s first visited Israel when he was 16; a trip that sparked a connection to his Jewish roots. These roots ultimately birthed the popular, spiritual, world-renowned artist he has become and is celebrated throughout the live music footage.

Documentary/2024/Israel/90 mins

Producer/ Director/ Filmmaker/ DP/ Editor - Shlomo Weprin

Additional Producers

Matthew Miller, Adam Weinberg, Jonathan Boyer & David Katzin

In partnership with Temple of the Arts and the Saban Theatre and ICAN Israeli-American Civil Action Network

Saban Theatre

8440 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 United States