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Thu May 30 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ecstatic Omer: A Dance Ritual

Ecstatic Omer is a dance ritual, integrating a live DJ set by Stuart B Meyers, immersive video installation designed by Shira Inbar, a sound bath by Chaya Glaser, and an embodied practice for the Jewish tradition of counting the days of the Omer. This ritual through movement takes place on the 38th day of the 49-day cycle known as the Omer in Jewish tradition.

The Omer marks the period between the holiday of Passover (which commemorates exodus and physical liberation) and the holiday of Shavuot (which celebrates the revelation of the Torah and Jewish law as a point of spiritual liberation.) Join us as we dance our way over this bridge within the Jewish calendar.

Jewish mysticism associates each day of the Omer with a particular combination of sefirot or divine emanations. Throughout the evening, we will welcome in the 38th day of the Omer, which corresponds to the values of Tiferet (magnificence) and Yesod (foundation), immersing ourselves in the colors and visual motifs that Kabbalah assigns to these elements.

Kabbalah associates each of these emanations with a particular color. You are invited to come wearing the colors of Tiferet (purple) and Yesod(orange).

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