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Fri March 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Murder Mystery Happy Hour

Would you be able to tell if your best friend was lying to you? Would you know if, say… they were a MURDERER?
Join Trybal Gatherings for an unforgettable night as you and your friends attempt to solve a murder in Trybal’s Murder Mystery Happy Hour. In an epic game of real-life CLUE, will you be the first to determine whether it was Colonel Mustard with the rope in the library, Ms. Scarlet with the candlestick in the kitchen, or… will you become a victim before the mystery is solved?
How it works:
Register below and you will receive detailed information about the murder before the event begins on March 24th. The murderer will also be notified at that time.
Throughout the night, mingle and ask all the right questions to try and determine who committed the crime – but be careful! A murderer walks among you. You’ll receive clues via text, try to identify the murderer before he/she gets you.
Where & When:
Tanner Smith’s Bar, 204 W 55th St, New York, NY
March 24, 7-9pm (please be on time so the mystery solving can begin!)
(This is a free event, food & drinks can be purchased at the bar)
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