Celebrating 18 years of cultural exchange as one of a few all-Israeli film festivals in N. America.

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Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema

The Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema is one of only a handful of all-Israeli film programs in all of North America.

Every year since 2005, we have screened a mix of award-winning features, documentaries, shorts and TV series made in Israel to spread a love and appreciation of contemporary Israeli culture through the magic of film.

Our films keep you current on events and trends in Israel–what Israelis are thinking and doing, how they feel about each other and their neighbors; foodie, music and club culture; vernacular Hebrew, what’s “in” and “out”– so you’ll feel like an insider, even if you’re unable to regularly go and experience Israeli life for yourself.

Because everyone loves movies, our exceptional films, events and guest speakers are the perfect entry point for discussion, understanding and further exploration of the dynamism-on-steroids that is Israel.

For many in our community, the CFIC experience takes “Israel” from an abstraction to an emotional, intellectual, and sometimes spiritual, connection that can be shared with others in person and on social media.

We hope the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema inspires YOU to engage with us and our ever-growing community. This is why we do what we do.

CFIC Board of Directors

Yona Eichenbaum, Danny Frankel, Dr, Michael Maling, Mina Perlin, Jeff Ring, Teme Ring, Marissa Schiff Rosenberg, Eileen Sirkin and Shauneen Weininger

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema


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