JW3 is the only Jewish Community Centre of its kind in the UK; a vibrant, cross-communal hub for Jewish arts, culture, family programming, social action, learning and much more, where everyone is welcome.

About Us

JW3 is the only Jewish Community Centre of its kind in the UK; a vibrant, cross-communal hub for Jewish arts, culture, family programming, social action, learning and much more, where everyone is welcome.

Our Vision

A vibrant, diverse, unified British-Jewish community, inspired by and engaged with Jewish arts, culture, learning and life.

Our Mission

To increase the quality, variety and volume of Jewish conversation in London and beyond.

We seek to achieve this by offering multiple entry points into Jewish life, culture and community for the widest possible range of people; and programming outstanding events, activities, classes and courses – the diversity of which reflects the diversity of our community.

Our Core Values

These six values shape our culture, guide how we behave and inform our decision-making. They are at the heart of the way we work, driving how we act as individuals and as an organisation:

  • Community – קהילה
  • Inclusivity – הכללה
  • Creativity – יצירתיות
  • Lovingkindness – חסד
  • Collaboration - שיתוף פעולה
  • Leading by Example – דוגמא אישית

Upcoming Events

Thu June 20 7:00 pm
Thu June 27 2:00 pm
Fri June 28 6:30 pm
Thu July 11 7:00 pm

JW3 has not posted any open jobs.

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341-351 Finchley Road NW3 6ET London, UK

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