Moishe House Arlington

Moishe House Arlington is a place where young adults in their 20s come together and create a vibrant Jewish community.

About Us

Moishe House Arlington is located just steps from the nation’s capital. As the largest organization for Jewish young professionals in Northern Virginia, our events showcase the amazing places, businesses, and people in our backyard.

Explore the local parks, become a culinary expert at one of our cooking events, help improve the community at a social action activity, and always have a warm and delicious Shabbat meal.

Just like you, we’re three young professionals with different backgrounds and skills that we use to create unique and exciting events. Our goal is to foster a community that inspires unconditional friendships and deep personal connections.

Upcoming Events

Moishe House Arlington has not posted any upcoming events.

Moishe House Arlington has not posted any open jobs.

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