We are a group of visionaries, dreamers, and doers that gathered and created a circle of people that put together amazing community for others to join and have a fun time!

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PSF Gathering

We are well known for our Events, Purim parties, Shabbaton’s and  Our annual 3-day weekend getaways. It’s a weekend, camping trip, Shabbos and gathering all packed into one. That’s right!

Not as much in the limelight, are our quieter, more private camping trips that take place throughout the summer.

We enjoy: Eating, cooking, grilling, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, having intimate and intellectual conversations and so many more things that we call fun.

Come join us for our next get together and see why so many people cannot wait for the annual PSF gathering!

We wish you blessings and good tidings always!

PSF Gathering

23 Meadow St, Brooklyn, New York, 11206, United States


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