We invite you to visit our historic Synagogue on the Venice Boardwalk. Throughout the year, a vibrant community of all ages enjoys a wide range of educational, celebratory, and spiritual experiences.

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Shul on the Beach

Located along one of the most beautiful beach fronts in the world, Shul on the Beach (the new Pacific Jewish Center – PJC), has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Our goal is to keep Judaism relevant and meaningful for 21st century Jews. We aim to provide the highest quality Torah learning and social opportunities in a welcoming environment.

Our community events, Torah classes, and Shabbat services offer a welcoming place to connect with community and spirituality.

We hope that after visiting Shul on the Beach, you will walk away fulfilled, carrying an experience you’ll never forget. ​

If you are visiting Southern California, please get in touch with us!

Shul on the Beach

505 Ocean Front Walk
Los Angeles, California, 90291
United States

(310) 392-8749

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