We reach active and engaged Jewish professionals

When you advertise with Tribester, or sponsor a Tribester city or event, you’ll reach active and engaged Jewish professionals. This is both because we are a startup (so our members have joined recently) and because we make it a practice to remove inactive members. We neither want you wasting your budget nor our members receiving information that’s no longer useful to them.

We can help you market your brand on the web, directly to our members in their inboxes, via social media and one-to-one at our real world and virtual events.

We’re particularly adept at helping you build an audience for your events. And always happy to craft a custom plan for you that meets your unique needs.

Here are some of the ways we reach them

We can also fashion a custom solution for you.

City Sponsorship

Sponsor an entire Tribester city in your brand category and reach our members 24x7 via the web, email and social media.

Event Sponsorship

You'll appear prominently on our event listing and in our email and social media promotions. You may also reach our members one-to-one at our online or virtual events.

Dedicated Emails

Have your message delivered directly to our members' inboxes.

Promoted Event Listing

Your event will be prominently featured on our website and promoted to our members via email and social media.

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Cover photo above by Joe Yates on Unsplash