Silverstein Base Lincoln Park is home. Our doors + hearts are open to 20/30s looking for Jewish life.

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Located in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Silverstein Base Lincoln Park is the home of Rav Sarah Mulhern, Rav William Friedman, and Liana and Shimon Mulhern-Friedman (aka the Friedherns). Here’s what they’ve got to say about it:

“Hi! We’re so excited to welcome you into our home. Together we are working to create a special space where you can build a deeper relationship with others and with your heritage. Some stuff we do: delicious sacred meals, raucous discussion, invigoration Torah- and service-learning, and soulful singing. Wherever you are coming from and wherever you are going we can’t wait to connect.


858 W Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, Illinois

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